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People always ask me what I read to relax. Frankly, most of the time it's dry research and nonfiction. I love the occasional Scott Turow novel, but Mr. Turow needs to spend more time at the computer and less in court, because it seems I have to wait forever to get my hands on his next book. (He also needs a newsletter so I'll know when to look for it!) But then I was talking to a friend of mine who told me that his old college pal got a huge advance for a hardcover novel that, if I liked Turow's books, I would love.

It's called SUBVERSION. The author, T.A. Alderson, got a massive advance for it, and deserved every penny. This is one of those books you'd expect to be written by a woman (you'd be wrong). Alderson labors behind the curtain at the U.S. Justice Department, and during his spare time wrote an incredible novel. The main character is a female attorney in a corrupt law firm, but she's hardly ordinary. She knows about guns. She tosses her clothes on the floor. She knows about millions in a Swiss account. She does shots. And she's a dominatrix. It gets even better after a suicide at the firm and some South African clients show up who either want to have sex with her, kill her, or both. The book pulls you to the last page, and when you put it down, you just want more. (Sounds like another author we all know!)

Back in the real world, the editing is done, the cover art is done (a sensuous female mouth blowing out smoke), the galleys are complete, production is complete, the book is printed and boxed up for distribution and ready to go to the bookstores, when suddenly the publishing house gets served with papers from Alderson's boss, an attorney at Justice, who claims the main character in SUBVERSION is modeled on her. She didn't take kindly to being the literary model for a pretty attorney who spends her spare time whipping naked men. Broadway Books, the publisher, pulls the novel from publication. All the boxes of books have to be pulped.

Meanwhile, Alderson is allowed to keep the advance, but he's out of work as a writer. And during the day, he's working for a boss who just squashed his career.

I'm the last writer to help out a competitor, but this is a crime. Fortunately, some books escaped the pulping machine.

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Subversion by T.A. Alderson



Subversion by T.A. Alderson



First in an electrifying new series from “A MASTER RIVALING TOM CLANCY.”

--Publishers Weekly

U.S. Navy submarine commander Peter Vornado is at the top of his game in underwater warfare when a devastating illness takes him out of the service and almost to the grave. Without duty, honor, or something to fight for, his life is as good as over.

But the CIA needs a man like Vornado…

A terrorist cabal has acquired a scrapped Soviet sub from the Cold War -- a technologically advanced failure still able to outrun any torpedo or enemy vessel and strike at will. With a nuclear payload, it will enable them to strike directly at Israeland throw the world into chaos. All that remains is to modernize the sub with the latest technology.

Only one man can infiltrate the group, take the helm, and stop a holocaust -- a man who has already stared down death, and is ready to do battle once more…

“Compelling and visionary. DiMercurio’s characters run as deep as his submarines themselves!”

--Joe Buff, author of Crush Depth and Thunder in the Deep

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