“Compelling and visionary. DiMercurio’s characters run as deep as his submarines themselves!”
--Joe Buff, author of Crush Depth and Thunder in the Deep

"DiMercurio really knows his subs...his characters step right off the sub deck and onto his pages."
--Larry Bond

"A Master Rivaling Tom Clancy."
--Publishers Weekly

--San Francisco Examiner

--Associated Press

"Superb storytelling."
--Virginia-Pilot/Ledger Star


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Old Man -- -- The captain. Also known as “El Jefe” (but don’t ever call him that to his face). Also known as “Skipper” (you can call him that in lighter moments, but in a tight situation, he’s always just “Captain”).

OOD (Officer of the Deck) -- -- Officer in tactical command of the ship, a sort of acting captain. Directs the motion of the ship, giving rudder, speed and depth orders. Responsible for the ship’s navigation, operation of the ship’s equipment, and employment of the ship’s weapons. Usually has the deck and the conn. Needs captain’s permission to do certain operations, such as going to periscope depth, starting up the reactor, transmitting active sonar, transmitting radio messages or launching a weapon. Done best while smoking a cigar and telling sea stories.

OP -- -- Operation or mission.

Op Area -- -- A specific ocean area devoted to a particular exercise or operation. Some op areas are permanent and some are established only for that op.

OpRep 3 Pinnacle -- -- Name of a message that is sent with FLASH priority to the White House and NMCC telling of a dire emergency requiring immediate action, such as an incoming nuclear attack.

Overhead -- -- Nautical term for ceiling.

Own Ship -- -- The submarine you are in.

Own Ship’s Unit -- -- The torpedo launched by own ship. Your torpedo is a “unit” or “the weapon.” The bad guy’s torpedo is a “torpedo.” See Torpedo in the Water.

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