“Compelling and visionary. DiMercurio’s characters run as deep as his submarines themselves!”
--Joe Buff, author of Crush Depth and Thunder in the Deep

"DiMercurio really knows his subs...his characters step right off the sub deck and onto his pages."
--Larry Bond

"A Master Rivaling Tom Clancy."
--Publishers Weekly

--San Francisco Examiner

--Associated Press

"Superb storytelling."
--Virginia-Pilot/Ledger Star


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ADCAP -- -- Short for Advanced capability, which is the latest version of the Mark 48 torpedo.

ADM -- -- Admiral

AFFF -- -- Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam

Akula -- -- The next generation of Russian sub.

AMR #1 or #2 -- Auxiliary Machinery Room. #1 is forward, #2 is aft. This is where auxiliary electrical and mechanical equipment are kept.

AN/BSY-1 -- -- Name of the integrated sonar and fire control system in newer Los Angeles class subs.

ASDIC -- -- The Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee. Organization active during the First World War seeking more sophisticated methods of locating enemy submarines.

ASW -- -- Anti-Submarine Warfare

AUTEC -- -- Acoustic test range near the Bahamas called the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center.

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