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author Michael DiMercurio.

Terminal Run:
The final stage in the flight of a submarine torpedo as it increases speed to reach attack velocity.

Terminal Run:
The new techno-thriller featuring the dramatic, final undersea showdown between Admiral Michael Pacino and his most hated nemesis, Alexi Novskoyy.

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[Michael DiMercurio / terminalrun.com] December 2005 DiMercurio Fan Club Newsletter

Greetings to all Michael DiMercurio fans everywhere! Well, the time we've all been waiting for has arrived. Michael's latest novel, Vertical Dive, has reached the bookstores. This is book-two in the trilogy that chronicles the lives and adventures of Peter Vornado and Burke B.K. Dillinger. In book-one, Emergency Deep, we learned of how Vornado and Dillinger met during Plebe Summer at Annapolis and cemented their lifelong friendship through shared personal pain and triumph. We learned that warriors fight their battles on many different fronts and deal with them in many different ways. Vornado, the stoic, ever self-confident family man nearly dies from glioblastoma, a rare and almost always fatal form of brain cancer. Miraculously, Vornado survives this brush with death, but loses his command and is instead offered and accepts a top-secret CIA mission in Russia which requires the skills of a highly trained submarine operator. Meanwhile, the hard charging and tough, B.K. Dillinger is breaking in a new XO on his boat, the USS Tucson. Enter, CDR. Natalie D'Assault, the US Navy's first female executive officer in the submarine service. Dillinger is less than thrilled to have a female XO and at first thinks it's a practical joke by his boss, Smoking Joe Kraft. But soon, Dillinger learns of D'Assault' s competence and dedication to her job and fully accepts her. Not only that, but D'Assault is strikingly beautiful and it's not long before Dillinger finds himself caught in a catch-22 of forbidden love. At the end of Emergency Deep, Vornado accomplishes his mission, saves Dillinger's life and all seems right in the universe. But things aren't always as they seem...

Vertical Dive picks up with Vornado back in command of a new Virginia Class submarine, the USS Texas and Dillinger assigned to his best friend's former command, the USS Hampton. The CIA mission Vornado was on has strained his marriage to the breaking point and Dillinger is a soon-to-be father with his new wife Natalie D'Assault Dillinger who has retired from the navy. Once again, the universe is about to be turned on its axis and throw these two friends and warriors into an apocalyptic struggle against savage and cunning Algerian terrorists who are hell-bent on destroying France with thermonuclear weapons. The terrorist's plan…to hijack a French boomer submarine with help from a rogue Muslim-Russian, submarine officer. The French, keenly aware of ballistic missile submarine security have overlooked one crucial thing. They haven't secured the families of the men who are the officers of the ballistic missile submarine, Le Vigilant. Le Vigilant is France's newest, most sophisticated submarine, and she is whisper quiet. To take her requires the terrorists to use their evil crafts of deception and brutality to the fullest.

Back in the States, both Vornado and Dillinger have big worries at home concerning their families, but they are nonetheless selected by Smoking Joe Kraft to head out with all haste to try and find, then kill, Le Vigilant before she can unleash her nuclear holocaust on France. With recent state-of-the-art sonar upgrades, both Texas and Hampton are uniquely qualified for the job, but can they do so in time? To find out, you'll have to get out to your local bookstore and buy a copy of Vertical Dive or go online to Amazon.com and have one delivered to your front door. This is a must read for all techno-thrill loving fans and a must have for all Michael DiMercurio fans who collect his work like I do. When you've finished reading Vertical Dive, drop me an email and let me know what you thought of it. Until then, enjoy!

Wishing you all a happy holiday season and a great new year,

Tim Sharp
The Michael DiMercurio Fan Club

from: boatsailor@usadatanet.net


USS SEA DEVIL (all years, all crews) will be having the third combined reunion in Charleston, SC in the spring of 2007. Please go to the message board at


for the latest updates and scheduling. I hope to see you there and shake your hand, thanks for serving.

Semper Sub...
Jim Schenk
Association Secretary

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