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Welcome to terminalrun.com, the Cyberspace Home of
author Michael DiMercurio.

Terminal Run:
The final stage in the flight of a submarine torpedo as it increases speed to reach attack velocity.

Terminal Run:
The new techno-thriller featuring the dramatic, final undersea showdown between Admiral Michael Pacino and his most hated nemesis, Alexi Novskoyy.


Do you have a submarine related event, or reunion? Let us know!

--Flash message to all Michael DiMercurio fans!--

Attention to all Michael DiMercurio fans! The Sonar Shack Chat Room will be opening for our first meeting on Wednesday November 12 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. We're going to talk about everything that is Michael DiMercurio and his novels. The Sonar Shack will be open from 9:00pm to 11:00pm EST, so grab your favorite cigar, a bottle of Anchor Steam, pull up a chair and let's have some fun and talk. Whether you're a non-qual air breather like me or a sub-qualified Dolphin wearer like Mike, all are welcome!

I'm also very excited to tell you that Mike will be joining us from time to time, during future meetings, to say hi and chat for a while. I'll be sure to let you all know when Mike is going to attend a meeting, so don't worry, you won't miss him! Future meetings in the Sonar Shack will be held every Wednesday evening between 9:00pm and 11:00pm EST, there after.

As president of this fan club, I'm really looking forward to meeting as many fellow Michael DiMercurio fans as possible. So, make plans to join me in the Sonar Shack and please tell all your techno-thriller loving friends about the meeting and I'll see you there.

You might want to try it out ahead of time, just in case you need to install the Sun Java Plug-In. Some machines have this or the Microsoft version already setup, but some machines won't. So check early!

Best wishes and fair sailing.

Tim Sharp

USS Simon Bolivar SSBN 641

REUNION: June 14-18 2006

thombeach@yahoo.com Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach Hotel 1 800 206 2747

USS Balao SS-285

Reunion possibility

Contact Tommy Worthy at Tfloyd814@aol.com - his father Zema Floyd "Sam" Worthy served on the Balao during WWII (9 war patrols) and he would like to organize a reunion.

USS Batfish SSN-681

I am interested in setting up a reunion for the commissioning crew of the

USS Batfish SSN681. Sep 2002 it will be thirty years. Let's get together.

Contact: Joseph M. Tyler joseph.tyler@snet.net

USS Casimir Pulaski SSBN 633

Reunion planning in the works. Stay tuned for updates.

Reunion website: http://www.ameritech.net/users/mbrand/SSBN633.htm

Contacts: mbrand@neo.rr.com

USS Cincinnati SSN 693


I would like to hear from former shipmates who are interested in having a reunion. If folks would like to get it started. I'll coordinate it.


Lt. Randy Riggs 1981-1984. randallriggs@comcast.net


Our reunion is now in the planning stage. Any shipmate that has not been contacted, please contact one of the following:

Please go to the Halfbeak Association Web Site to view pictures taken at the reunion and come back often as items are being added daily. http://www.geocities.com/ss3522000/

Primary organizer: Jim Terell - 972-230-6908

Secondary: Billy Joe Reeves- 606-745-1599, Email: reevesbj@yahoo.com

USS Pomfret SS 391

Anyone interested in USS Pomfret SS391 reunion? Please contact subman_391@msn.com (Robert O'Neill)

USS Ray SSN-653

No date set

(2005 tentative)

Shipmate Greg "Chew" Howson is soliciting interest in a Ray reunion. If you are interested, please contact Greg at gchowson@yahoo.com

Also, please check in on the USS Ray BBS for the latest and greatest.

USS Sea Devil (AGSS-400)

I would be interested in having a reunion for the crew of the USS Sea Devil. I was stationed on the sub from 10-60 to 6 -63.

As most of you know she was sunk in March of 1964, for torpedo practice, after a wonderful tour of duty. There are several of the crew listed in the crews list.

If anyone has information of the location of some crew members not list in the crews list, please contact afrasier@kscable.com . Alvin Frasier EM2(SS) 1960 -1963

Do you have a submarine related event, or reunion? Let us know!

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Michael DiMercurio
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Tim Sharp President, The Michael DiMercurio Fan Club E-Mail: tsharp@terminalrun.com

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