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Terminal Run:
The final stage in the flight of a submarine torpedo as it increases speed to reach attack velocity.

Terminal Run:
The new techno-thriller featuring the dramatic, final undersea showdown between Admiral Michael Pacino and his most hated nemesis, Alexi Novskoyy.

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[Michael DiMercurio / terminalrun.com] Welcome Aboard!

My name is Tim Sharp. It is my honor to welcome you aboard The Michael DiMercurio Fan Club. As President of this club I will be working with Michael DiMercurio himself, to bring you all the latest news of his novels and other exclusive information. I'll also be hosting chats and writing a monthly newsletter. So come on in and share your favorite memories of Michael's books and characters. This fan club is for all who love Michael's novels, submarines and the U.S. Navy. While you're here take time to explore terminalrun.com, in it you'll find excerpts from Michael's books, a Bio of his career in the U.S. Navy, submarine diagrams, cool pictures and a lot more!

Once again, welcome aboard!

Tim Sharp
The Michael DiMercurio Fan Club

--Flash message to all Michael DiMercurio fans!--

[Michael DiMercurio / terminalrun.com] Attention to all Michael DiMercurio fan club members! The weekly Sonar Shack chat room meetings have been moved to Thursday nights at 9:00pm eastern. All DiMercurio fans are requested to come and meet with Michael in an open forum to discuss all the latest news of his books and any other topics of interest. I will also be there to greet you in this up close and personal chat with my favorite author and friend. Please make plans to join us every Thursday night thereafter, as we get together to have some fun and chat live with Michael. I hope to see you all there.

As president of this fan club, I'm really looking forward to meeting as many fellow Michael DiMercurio fans as possible. So, make plans to join me in the Sonar Shack and please tell all your techno-thriller loving friends about the meeting and I'll see you there.

You might want to try it out ahead of time, just in case you need to install the Sun Java Plug-In. Some machines have this or the Microsoft version already setup, but some machines won't. So check early!

Best wishes and fair sailing.

Tim Sharp

Michael DiMercurio
E-Mail: readermail@terminalrun.com

Tim Sharp President, The Michael DiMercurio Fan Club E-Mail: tsharp@terminalrun.com

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